2014-02-11 @ 22:50:36
Om ganska sa jatte precis 24 h lyfter vi for att flyga till hawaiii, och oj vad jag ar galet taggad! Det ska bli sa himla skont, sa himla coolt och sa himlahimla kul! Kommer inte att a med mig min dator, men nar jag kommer hem far ni saklart se massvis med bilder. Sa det kan ni se fram emot :D
Tankte att ni ville se programet for veckan:

Day 1 Arrivals. Students are met at the airport baggage claim area and transferred to the hotel for check in. Its then time for your orientation walking tour, and some free time before our welcome diner.


Day 2 We begin our tour with a drive around the entire island of Oahu. We will view the only royal palace in the United States, visit various neighborhoods and learn about the history of the state. Traveling inland, we drive though the, pineapples fields on the way to the North Shore. Our first North Shore stop is Haleiwa, an old surf town. We view the massive surf waves at Pipeline Sunset and Bonzai Beaches, and swim with the tropical fish on in Turtle Bay, where we play volleyball and have a picnic lunch. We finish the tour in the afternoon with visit to Pali Look out for views over the island. Then it’s back to the hotel to clean up before dinner.


Day 3 we visit Pearl Harbor for a tour of the U.S.S. Arizona National Monument, where we will learn about Hawaii's involvement in WWII then hit the beach right in front of our hotel. We will have time to play in the surf and try boogie boarding, or hang out at the hotel pool, or enjoy a soccer game and the park.


Day 4 We will head out to for a morning of snorkeling. We provide a rented snorkel and mask to swim with the colorful reef fish in a protected cove. This afternoon it’s off to Ala Moana shopping center for a shopping stop, and dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.


Day 5 We will board a Catamaran for an exciting sailing trip around Waikiki Bay. In the afternoon we go swimming in the ocean and playing volleyball. The adventurous can try their hand at surfing with a rental board (not included in tour) and dazzle the group with their surfing abilities!


Day 6 We hike up Diamond Head, an extinct volcanic crater with awesome views over Waikiki bay. In the late afternoon we will celebrate with the locals Luau, complete with grass skirts and hula dancing.


Day 7. We’ll explore some other parts of the island learning about some of the cultures that have contributed to Hawaiian food and culture. Tonight is our big farewell party.


Day 8. Students leave through the day, some students leaving early in the morning, and others not
departing until the evening. We will take you to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight time. After breakfast it’s time for your last shopping trip, and a final wave goodbye to the warm Pacific waters.
Many students will land back home the following day.



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Jag var på Hawaii för fem år sedan (för länge sedan!!!) och det var helt underbart. Kunde inte vart mer avundsjuk på dig som får åka nu!

2014-02-11 @ 23:42:40 / URL: http://endearingdreams.blogg.se

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Hejsansvejsan! Frida Bergström heter jag och befinner mig för tillfället i Sahuartia, Arizona. Jag är här som utbytesstudent och går på Sahuarita High School, här kan ni följa mig under mitt år. Hoppas ni tycker det är intressant. Om ni har några frågor är min mejl; fridaamanda@hotmail.com, bara att fråga på om precis vad som helst!:)